NEWS One BILLION Summaries Served!

We did it! At Vilynx we served our first #videos! 😍🎉🎊

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Video made
smarter with
Machine Learning

Engage your audiences with video
personalization. Add rich metadata
to enable search and social sharing.

Enable a more powerful Search and Recommendation Engine.

Let Vilynx automatically tag your videos based on the video content
and what is happening in social media.

Personalize video content to what matters most.

Engage your audience using our 5 second preview clips and improve your click through rates by 3X.

Mouse over to see the preview, click to enjoy the full video

Amplify reach and drive return traffic from social media channels.

AI-derived video previews and hashtags helps find your audience.

Numbers matter Real live counter


Summaries served


Our Trending Score is a cool combination of how hot the topics of a video are and how often a video is being shared on the internet.

We truly believe that Vilynx’s Trending Score will help Media and Creators to understand the perfect timing to share a video from their video stock. Read More


Connect your audience to the videos they like.

Our video recommendation algorithms finds the trending topics, analyzes your videos and learns from your audience preferences.


Our metadata allows you to search based on what social networks are saying about your videos.

Let our ML algorithms find the right tags for your videos. Our tags are updated in real-time based on what people are saying.

Worried about speed?

We process videos 4x faster than real-time.

Neural nets

Our neural nets are trained using more than 50M audience-tagged images that are updated and growing every day.

1 line of code Integration

Add our JS library and give us your site url or MRSS feed, and we'll do the rest.

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A technology made
for Live Events

Interested on live events? Vilynx can process videos in real time to enable rich media sharing instantly.

Intelligent Advertising

We understand your content and provide intelligent ads that are relevant to your audience and to the content being watched.

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