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6X Improved User Engagement

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Give us an MRSS feed or your site URL and we'll summarize your videos automatically.

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Control your video stock with your own Dashboard

Get easy access to your full video stock, get the best insights about engagement and customize your previews.
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Sharing amazing video previews on social media

Zero increase in page
load time

Summaries loaded only after user request
Minimum Latency (optimized for different resolution/devices)

Video conversion analytics. Tracking video consumption.

Provides real-time business intelligence for publishers video consumption to allow a better understanding of user interaction and maximize revenue.

For Publishers:
Inline video ads

While viewers browse through online videos searching for content of interest, publishers have a new inline ad opportunity and revenue stream.

Optimized for mobile to monetize video browsing.

Fully optimized for mobile

The Vilynx mobile technology was developed to overcome the limited bandwidth plans and battery life of smart phones.

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For Developers:

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Jon Bond Former CEO of KBS+ (MDC) and Big Fuel (Publicis Group)

The technology is beginning to get traction with some very big names in the video space and I see big things here.

Richard Roseman Former Executive at 21st Century Fox and News Corp

Vilynx has positioned itself in the right market at the right time. Its technology is innovative and definitely needed in the video space.

Ben Saitz Former Executive at Doubleclick and Google Media & Technology Services

Online video is here, in a big way. In all my years in the online space whenever I have encountered technology that helps a user discover better content faster and in a more elegant fashion it always wins.

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